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At SAYJ (pronounced ‘sage’), each partner has extensive experience working with early stage, growth, and Fortune 500 companies internationally and advising business leaders seeking to expand cross-border.

Using a personalized approach, we work in major international cities, and are well-connected with the start-up and private equity ecosystem globally. Our proven track record includes building angel investment communities in over two dozen cities worldwide, advising and mentoring early and later stage companies in different countries, conducting capital raising campaigns (seed through Series A) and connecting entrepreneurs with investors/advisors internationally.

SAYJ Global Partners advisory services are customized solutions structured around a company’s specific needs. An analysis of the business directly integrated with and linked to funding requirements can be conducted, with the goal of accelerating growth. Depending on a company’s situation, other specific topics can include market research, strategic advisory, funding assistance, international expansion strategies, operational optimization, and commercialization.

Please contact or either SAYJ partner to schedule an introductory consultation.

Each company we work with has unique needs. Our goal is to help you meet yours quickly and at reasonable cost. Our fees depend upon the specific services you choose. As a result of an initial consultation and evaluation, we can recommend next steps and pricing. In the end, though, you determine which services you feel are right for your situation.

SAYJ rhymes with the word sage. In classical philosophy, a sage is someone who has attained wisdom through experience. In global business, SAYJ uses our wisdom and experience to help you achieve your goals.

During this introductory consultation, we will discuss/evaluate your current status, goals and proposed future milestones, focusing on areas requiring attention/assistance. We will also answer your questions about SAYJ.

SAYJ Global Investors (SGI) is a virtual network of active international investors with varied interests and expertise. They include HNW individuals, family offices, wealth managers, serial entrepreneurs and VC’s, who invest in a wide variety of sectors and regions. If you’re interested in joining this network, please complete the Investor Application.

We’ve worked with clients in the following sectors: cleantech, medtech and life sciences, internet/e-commerce, telecommunications, edtech, real estate, fintech, agritech, manufacturing, retail and consumer products, media and entertainment, robotics, and enterprise software.