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What We Do

Going global is an important step that can start your company on the road to major success –  or increase operating risk. Sometimes it can even harm your existing business.

To expand cross border without serious missteps, it is essential to have a deep understanding of target markets, competition, local business trends, and other factors that affect growth.

Our hands-on approach, customized solutions and international network ensure you are well-prepared for successful cross border expansion.

Our areas of expertise and engagement include:

Group of Business People Working in the Office

Benefit from a structured business analysis pinpointing opportunities and issues

  1. Consultation
    A one-hour assessment of your company’s current situation, focusing on identification of operational gaps and barriers to new market entry.
  2. Ongoing Consulting and Advisory
    A subscription service consisting of up to twelve one-hour sessions focusing on areas for attention and development. As appropriate, outside subject matter experts may also participate as well. A review of key investor material is included, as well as recommendations for setting up a data room.

Gain key insights into target markets

Research and analysis of the company’s target market(s), providing background data on market dimensions, intelligence on opportunities and identification of barriers/risks in order to develop an optimal entry strategy.

Build a detailed expansion plan, with a roadmap and key deliverables

Development of short, medium, and long-term expansion strategies, with defined goals and milestones (roadmap of deliverables), identification of key dependencies, and success metrics.

Identify and source the team to execute the plan

An assessment of staffing needs for both key executive positions and resources for target market entry. SAYJ can identify candidates, interim senior executives with deep domain expertise, and local advisory members who can open opportunities in the new market(s).

Assess and validate your financial readiness and future needs against your expansion plan

An evaluation of financial projections with respect to your implementation plan and milestones, to ensure completeness and consistency. The evaluation can include an analysis to determine and substantiate your company valuation for fund raising.

Accelerate revenue growth through key partnerships

Identification of potential strategic partners in the target market. These partners may represent distribution channels, corporate entities, investors or other relationships that create opportunities for expansion. In some cases, these entities may also be potential acquisition or merger partners.

Access an international network of investors

Alignment of the company’s investment and marketing materials with target market investor expectations. Review and preparation assistance (with templates supplied) for all necessary investor material, including structure of a data room. Exposure to SAYJ international investor network.

Get trusted referrals for help on technical issues

Referrals as needed to SAYJ alliance partners specializing in legal, tax and other areas requiring subject matter experts in the target market(s).