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Terms & Conditions

Investment Policy

  • SAYJ Global Partners alerts prospective investors to funding opportunities. These are investors that we know and that have given us permission (via their application or otherwise) to inform them about companies in which they may have an interest.
  • SAYJ Global Partners does not advise, recommend, or endorse client companies in any way. These opportunities represent high risk transactions and all potential investors must be accredited/ certified in order to receive information from SAYJ Global Partners and participate in an investment.
  • SAYJ Global Partners is not affiliated with the companies presented and does not endorse or recommend any of the companies (or the securities of such companies) that may seek funding through SAYJ Global Partners.
  • If a potential investor (receiving information through SAYJ Global Partners) has an economic interest or affiliation with a client company, they are required to disclose this relationship.
  • Any information or representations given or made by any participating client company must not be relied upon as having been reviewed for accuracy or authorized/endorsed by SAYJ Global Partners, who does not perform formal Due Diligence for any party associated with a transaction.
  • Any investment made by an investor in a company presented by SAYJ Global Partners will be in his, her or its individual capacity and not on behalf of SAYJ Global Partners.

Confidential Information

SAYJ Global Partners agrees to keep information on investor applications/questionnaires strictly confidential, except that SAYJ Global Partners may present this information if legally required to prove an exemption from registration or qualification of securities under the ‘1933 Act’ or other applicable securities laws. Member privacy is protected and GDPR-compliant. An investor has the opportunity to opt out of receipt of SAYJ Global Partners communication at any time.